The Hawkin’s Room at Rangiora Museum

Opening of the Hawkin’s Room

Sunday August 25th August saw the official opening of ‘The Hawkin’s Room’ at the museum. Linda Woods, Donald Hawkin’s daughter, along with Donald’s sister, Adrienne Hamilton, recalled the period when Don was writing his book, ‘Beyond the Waimakariri’(1957) and Rangiora (1983), about the passing years and people of a Canterbury town ( Rangiora).

Keith Newell also spoke, expressing gratitude for Don’s historical works and the great value they are to present-day researchers in our district. 

A vote of thanks was proposed to all those who worked together, giving the Rangiora Museum such a bright and cheerful exhibition room of which we are all very proud.

A social time was enjoyed by members and visitors with equal enthusiasm.

David J Petrie, President